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Conventions for testing the string support. Version 0.2 included in SOFA 1.0.

Name Default Flags Dimensions Type Comment
GLOBAL:Conventions SOFA rm attribute
GLOBAL:Version 1.0 rm attribute
GLOBAL:SOFAConventions GeneralString rm attribute Conventions for testing the string support
GLOBAL:SOFAConventionsVersion 0.2 rm attribute
GLOBAL:APIName rm attribute
GLOBAL:APIVersion rm attribute
GLOBAL:ApplicationName attribute
GLOBAL:ApplicationVersion attribute
GLOBAL:AuthorContact m attribute
GLOBAL:Comment m attribute
GLOBAL:DataType String rm attribute We store strings here
GLOBAL:History attribute
GLOBAL:License No license provided, ask the author for permission m attribute
GLOBAL:Organization m attribute
GLOBAL:References attribute
GLOBAL:RoomType free field m attribute The room information can be arbitrary
GLOBAL:Origin attribute
GLOBAL:DateCreated m attribute
GLOBAL:DateModified m attribute
GLOBAL:Title m attribute
ListenerPosition [0 0 0] m IC, MC double
ListenerPosition:Type cartesian m attribute
ListenerPosition:Units metre m attribute
ReceiverPosition [0 0.09 0; 0 -0.09 0] m rCI, rCM double
ReceiverPosition:Type cartesian m attribute
ReceiverPosition:Units metre m attribute
SourcePosition [0 0 1] m IC, MC double
SourcePosition:Type spherical m attribute
SourcePosition:Units degree, degree, metre m attribute
EmitterPosition [0 0 0] m eCI, eCM double
EmitterPosition:Type cartesian m attribute
EmitterPosition:Units metre m attribute
String2 {'' ''} m MRS string
String2:Description 2-D string m attribute
String2:Units latin1 m attribute
Data.String1 {''} m MS string
Data.String1:Description 1-D string m attribute
Data.String1:Units latin1 m attribute
Data.String2 {'' ''} m MRS string
Data.String2:Description 2-D string m attribute
Data.String2:Units latin1 m attribute
Data.Double [0 0] m mRn double
Data.Double:Units double m attribute