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The main SOFA repository aims at collect the worldwide available HRTFs, BRIRs, DRIRs, and other SOFA-related data at a single place. It is just in the process of being created: Partial download, metadata access, and database search is not available (yet, we are investigating the possibility of using OPeNDAP for SOFA repositories). Currently, the data can be accessed and downloaded as they are and the metadata are provided in the particular files.

General purpose database:

Standard (in-the-ear canal) HRTFs of humans:

  • ARI: HRTFs from the ARI database. In-the-ear HRTFs and DTFs for over 170 listeners.
    • hrtf, dtf: HRTFs and DTFs, respectively, equalized between 300 Hz and 18 kHz
    • hrtf b, dtf b: HRTFs and DTFs, equalized between 50 Hz and 18 kHz for hi-fi auralizations
  • ARI (ALTB): HRTFs from the ARI database. Measurements for some of the listeners from the ARI database, repeated and evaluated a few years later, see Majdak et al. (2013).
  • CIPIC: HRTFs from the CIPIC database. 45 listeners, partially antropometric data available.
  • RIEC: Far-field HRTFs from the RIEC database of over 100 human listeners. (Credit: Kajni Watanabe, Japan)
  • SADIE: Far-field HRTFs from the SADIE database of over 20 human listeners. (Credit: Gavin Kearney, York)
  • Aachen: HRTFs from the Aachen HRTF database, combined with anthropometric data and 3D ear models of of 48 listeners. See the license. (Credit: Janina Fels, Aachen)

HRTFs of artificial heads:

  • MIT-KEMAR: HRTFs from MIT of the KEMAR dummy head. Reference HRTFs used in many publications.
  • ARI (ARTIFICIAL) HRTFs of mannequins (dummy heads) measured at ARI using the same setup as for human listeners:
    • NH169: HRTFs, DTFs, and raw data of a printed head of the corresponding human listener
    • NH172: HRTFs, DTFs, raw and reference data of the dummy head Neumann KU 100. Also part of Club Fritz, see below.
  • THK/HRIR_*: HRTFs of the dummy-head Neumann K100 provided by the Technische Hochschule Köln (TH Köln, previously Fachhochschule Köln):
    • Far-field HRTFs: Gapless data, high spatial resolution (Credit: Benjamin Bernschütz, Germany).
    • Near-field HRTFs: High spatial resolution done for various distances (Credit: Johannes Arend, Germany).
  • SCUT: Near-field HRTFs from SCUT database of the KEMAR (Radius: 0.2 to 1.0 m). (Credit: Bosun Xie, China)
  • SADIE: HRTFs measured on a sphere at a distance of 1.5 m with a KEMAR and a Neumann dummy head. (Credit: Gavin Kearney, York)
  • TU-Berlin:
    • HRTFs from TU-Berlin of the KEMAR dummy-head. HRTFs for several distances (>0.5 m). (Credit: Hagen Wierstorf, Germany)
    • HRTFs from TU-Berlin of the FABIAN dummy-head. Acoustically measured and numerically calculated HRTFs. (Credit: Fabian Brinkmann, Germany)
  • Club Fritz: HRTFs of Neumann KU 100 measured as part of the Club Fritz project where many institutions measured the exact same artificial head, see Andreopoulou et al, (2015). (Credit: Brian Katz, France).

Special HRTFs:


  • Oldenburg DRIRs from Oldenburg. Recordings in an office under several conditions (Credit: Stephan Ewert and Daryl Kelvasa, Germany).
  • TuBuRo: RIRs (from omnidirectional mic) and BRIRs (from KEMAR) recorded with 64-channel loudspeaker array in a room under various absorbing conditions, see the source, notes on the file naming and Erbes et al. (2015). (Credit: Vera Erbes, Rostock, Germany).
  • SBSBRIR: BRIRs from the Salford-BBC dataset measured in a recording room for 12 loudspekears, each for 15 head orientations (details). (Credit: Chris Pike, Salford).
  • New: THK/DRIR_*: DRIRs measured at the WDR broadcast studios with various microphone arrays provided by the Technische Hochschule Köln (TH Köln). For description, see here. (Credit: Johannes Arend).

Headphone impulse responses (HpIRs)

New: HpIRs of humans:

  • ARI: HpIRs from the ARI database. Single headphone, five measurements (with repositioned headphone in-between) for over 100 listeners.
  • BT-DEI: HpIRs from the BT-DEI database provided. 16 Listeners, 3 headphones (Credit: Michele Geronazzo, Italy).
  • HpIRs from TU-Berlin of the FABIAN dummy-head. Acoustically measured for 34 headphones. (Credit: Fabian Brinkmann, Germany)

Special purpose:

Other repositories

This is a list of other repositories providing HRTFs, BRIRs, and DRIRs available as SOFA files.